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Many individuals feel that they will never involve in a motor vehicle accident, but, sadly, sometime in their life, may involve in an accident.  It is always a good thing to be prepared for these types of events, and it is the best advice that you can get from Law Firm Toronto. Here you can find some tips that can help you to prepare your comeback after an accident occurs. This planning can assure that your interests and you are protected.  The reality is that taking care of these things ahead of time can always help you deal with the situation in a better way and puts you in a better position than those individuals who are not prepared.  For any driver or passenger, knowing how to handle the motor vehicle accident scene makes them strong.

law firm toronto

What to do at the scene of the accident?

  • Get medical help immediately, when you injured in the motor vehicle accident.
  • If you are not suffering from direct injuries, then collect the following significant information at the accident scene.
  • Get and record the name and insurance details of the person involved in the car accident and not down the license plate numbers of their motor vehicle.
  • Get the name and contact details of witnesses.
  • Take photos at the accident scene from different angles with you Smartphone or camera.
  • Note down how the accident happened. If you can, then draw a diagram. Also, note the location of your car to close by markers like stop signs, crosswalks, buildings, medians, etc.
  • If the accident happened on private land, then get the name and contact details of the owner of the property and also get their insurer details.
  • Inform about the accident to the police. Significantly, the police prepare the accident report.
  • Also, inform ICBC about the accident.
  • Get medical treatment or examination after the accident

law firm toronto

If you did not get medical attention immediately at the accident place, then ensure to visit your family doctor after the formalities completed. It is important to consult a doctor because sometimes you may feel fine, but you will never know if you have any underlying injuries unless the doctor confirms it. Also, inform your doctor that you had a car accident and make sure to tell even minor symptoms that you might be experiencing like stiff neck, headaches, or any other minor pain.

Also, ensure to go for follow-up appointments with your physician, also, with any health care professionals or specialists referred by your doctor.  Also, maintain all records of hospital visits, including medical reports copies and information created.

Consult with an authorized professional:

Before you start dealing with ICBC, get in touch with a legal professional to verify your legal options. A professional lawyer can help evaluate your claim, find the best approach to proceed and provide proper advice on the related limitation periods.

If you get any offers from ICBC, then do not agree without consulting or discussing it with your lawyer.  Once you consult your lawyer, then you can decide to start a lawsuit against the other driver who involved in the accident, ICBC, or another party. To find more information about personal injury lawyer click here!

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