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Child custody investigations are something very challenging cases that need to work on. Children mean a lot to each and every parent. Therefore, it is very important to offer them proper attention, care, and support they deserve and ensure that they are safe all the time. If you really want to keep your child safe, you can take the help of Toronto private investigators of children who will maintain and regain custody of your small children.

toronto private investigators

You can reach to the Toronto private investigators of children to look for some kind of evidence to check that your child is safe. Emotions are always high when it comes to divorce/separation and custody of children. Even some guardians get ready to make false allegations in order to obstruct another parent’s access to the child. Many things happen in the court as the parents hurt each other in different ways. In fact, the child private investigators in Toronto found that the children have been abused or neglected by the parents to keep their false point.

The law claims that the judge’s decision must be the best one for a particular child. When your child will be taken into custody, the court will take care of several things that come under your child’s best interest. Few of them can be seen below.

  • Which parent has been taking more care of the child initially?
  • Will the child get a healthy lifestyle and a safe stable place to reside?
  • Will the child be properly clothed and fed?
  • Proof of child neglect or abuse
  • Activity and/or criminal records of persons in the house
  • Proof of drug or alcohol abuse
  • Complaints or history of violence against a guardian

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The private investigator Toronto will accomplish the child custody investigations to find if the other guardian is behaving well with your child or not. These investigators will check whether their environment is secure or they are living in a risky situation or environment. The investigators will also look for various other things from which some of them are mentioned below.

  • Is the other parent making the child live in a safe environment?
  • Is there extreme drug abuse or drinking in the house?
  • Is the parent looking after the child properly or they are being left unsupervised?
  • Is the parent brings paramours to home to stay overnight which is against the court order?
  • Are the children are being taken to parties or bar?
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