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Many times, Canada residents (permanent one) find their soul mate in a foreigner and then look for ways to sponsor them in their place. With the help of an immigration lawyer Toronto, it becomes helpful to transform the residency of a foreign mate into a permanent Canadian resident. With this tag, it becomes sorted for a foreign person to adopt a living and work in the same country without many obstacles. Normally, in the immigration laws of Canada, it is clearly mentioned that an immigrant must hold an “immigration visa” before looking for a permanent residency in Canada.immigration lawyer toronto

Learn about a Canadian immigration visa

The couples who are willing to tie up their knots together must know that anything like fiance visa for Canada is not present in reality. In simple words, it means that the officers checking the residency of Canada show acceptance with the fact that after a couple gets married, they should take a step forward and file for a spousal sponsorship. After the process gets completed, the foreign partner gets a Canadian immigrant visa before keeping a step in Canada. It is a must for the foreign partner to be very particular about the timings due to the difference of time in different countries. Simply, it is clear that irrespective of the wedding location either in Canada or abroad, it is mandatory for the foreign partner to file a proper application from his or her place.

Are you hiring an immigration lawyer?

No doubt, it is a vital need to hire the best immigration lawyers in Toronto to get away from the hurdles in the immigration process. A legal guide is extremely helpful to get out of any devastating situation and be very particular about every single detail.

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Is it possible to get permanent residency without departing from Canada?

In addition, couples promising to live together in the regions of Canada can follow a pre-determined procedure in order to get the permanent residency of the foreign mate without even making your partner stand outside the borders of Canada. It becomes easy to follow the procedure in a condition if the foreign partner is entering Canada with the permit for study or any job. In such a case, the foreign mate is visiting Canada with a lawful task. The procedure is not for the applicant who is visiting Canada for fun purpose with an interim citizen visa. In such a hurry of filling permanent residency application, certain things get skipped. In such a big task, it is great to apply for an immigration lawyer Toronto who will do all the needful task with lawful considerations. Get answers to all the queries with professional help.

Clear all the doubts of the border officers

Without any second doubt, it is an excellent way to portray the interest of your visit to Canada. It is not easy to enter inside Canada without permission from the authorized officers. In such a case, show your ticket with the return date and time to make a clear purpose for your visit. Apart from this, it is good to show any evidence related to your life settles in abroad claiming that you would not leave your place completely. It could be any property papers, residence leasing, ownership abroad, or papers claiming the working status of your job, and so on.

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Road accidents often happen due to drink-and-drive conditions and driving under the influence of alcohol or other narcotic drugs is criminalized in every state. Hence, if you are found drunk while driving your car, the police may arrest you under DUI offense. In that case, you will definitely need the help of a DUI lawyer to save the day.

So, let’s discuss elaborately about DUI and how to prevent the unpleasant outcome of it.

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It is a criminal offense if you drive under the influence of alcohol and it is termed as Driving Under the Influence (DUI). The permitted level of alcohol content in blood is 0.05%-0.08% (0.12% in some jurisdiction) and if it exceeds, the driver can be accused. It doesn’t matter you are in full consciousness or not, you can always be convicted if you are found drunk while driving.

After you are convicted, your license may be seized with a fine and summoned by the court of law. If the case involves the injury of the person, endangerment of a child, or damage to property, the consequences may be severe.

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While arranging a party that includes alcohol, you must be careful because it may result a Driving Under the Influence for which even you might be considered liable. The Centre for Mental Health and Addiction (CAMH) identifies the following cases where you are held responsible for any DUI offense when an injury related to alcohol occurs:

  • When you offer alcohol to a person in a party, you are hosting who is planning to drive while impaired.
  • When you fail to ensure the safety of your guest in your party involving alcohol while they are on your premise.
  • When organizing a corporate party, you offer alcohol to intoxicated employees.
  • When you are organizing a permitted street party, but alcohol is not served responsibly and it results the damage of property.
  • When you host any other party with alcohol in public places without meeting the legal requirements that causes property damage.
  • When your underage children organize a party in your premise with your consent.

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Preventing DUI by telling your drunken guests that they can’t is not that easy. Dropping them to their respective homes by yourself can be a solution in case of a small party but might not be possible in most of the cases. To make sure that your guests are safe you need to take responsible steps while arranging an event or party. A proper management with adequately trained staffs and maintaining legal guidelines is very important to avoid a conviction hence consulting a DUI lawyer is important.


Drinking and driving is responsible for ruining the lives of many people over the years. It brings danger not only for you, but also for others. It is the best way not to drink before driving to ensure your own safety. In case, you are convicted with DUI, consult a DUI lawyer rather than defending yourself.

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An assault is apart from the battery. An assault is a fear in mind of being injured. On the other hand, the battery is really being injured. In both cases, you can ask for “damages” opposing your abuser to compensate you. But, most of the harms you can hold for an assault will better be basically less than that you can do for a battery. It is easy to prove in the case of the battery, the reason you will have medical evidence to present the court you were really injured as well as you’ll mostly have evidence of police dropping charges.

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Can you claim harms for Mental Suffering in Family Law?

If a battery or an assault has happened, in that case, the court should ask for the number of damages to provide you with. If the abuser’s behavior was really humiliating to you, malicious, oppressive, degrading, causing you high torture as that time as well as after the incident, in that case, the harming award will be larger. You must have a record of all the bills of any costs related to those injuries. If you had medical checkups, medical reports, as well as a used taxi for traveling, that entire amount will be reimbursed to you. You can hire a good family lawyer Oakville.

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What are the costs of Spousal Abuse as well as damages?

The quantum of harm provided in these cases is different due to various factors. A 2017 decision, in Montgomery v Kenwell, of Ontario Superior Court of Justice, Barrie, Ontario, the spouse was provided with $75,000. The criminal law has legally learned the concept of break of marital trust, in section 718.2 of the Criminal Code of Canada, by lacking the convicting judge an increase in punishment where, as an abrasive chance, the guilty person abused his partner or common-law spouse while doing the offense. The family court judge wrote in the Montgomery case that trust was broken by a partner in a domestic relationship by harming his partner; it must be called in family law from an elevated aggravated for harm provided.

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We can aid you to claim damages

Are you a wounded person of mental suffering or spousal abuse? It depends on how different your case is to ask for the damages under a family law proceeding. It should be done first with the consultation booking with family lawyer Oakville, they will assist you to move forward as well as suggest you choices. They are working with the law for 28 years. They are specialized in massive struggle family cases as well as focuses on solving them in a politic as well as in a results-oriented way. They have faith in saving the clients amount. They also provide you with the chances of limited scale retainers. Also, tells many of them the system of the family court as well as helping them in self-representation at trial.

Thus these days such kind of cases have become very common but its important to go to the right place for the solution and family lawyer Oakville is the best. To find more information about family lawyer Oakville Click Here!

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